Belmont Carpentry Spalding- Carpenters in Spalding

Belmont UK started building a reputation for themselves as a carpentry firm in Spalding, Lincolnshire. They specialize in doing high quality carpentry work in the domestic and home markets. They quickly moved on to become very skilled and trusted timber frame builders. Belmont make their focus as one of the firms who work for major building firms like Persimmon. They can handle the whole process from design, through making frames and trusses and delivery to the erection and final after plaster carpentry work. They have now established themselves as one of the leading carpentry firms in their specialist area. Belmont Carpentry Spalding – means the same as high quality carpenters in Spalding. Either way it means very detailed and accurate work making good use of difficult spaces in the home.

Belmont Carpentry Spalding – Carpenters You Can Trust

Whether it is built in wardrobes, a walk in dressing room that is fully shelved, or some shelves and storage areas under stairs or under a bunk bed, you can rely on Belmont UK. They will come up with a very practical and useful carpentry solution. After that they will carry out the carpentry and woodwork to perfection.

Belmont carpentry Spalding. Top quality carpentry  from carpenters in Spalding

The main office of Belmont Carpentry in Spalding