Kitchen Extension Ideas

The kitchen is the very social hub of any home. It’s where you all sit down for a family meal. It’s where the kids rush to when they come home from school. It’s where you and the ‘other half‘ relax over a glass of wine and compare notes on the day. It’s where you entertain good friends and have that first glass of wine. It’s where the kids do their homework … well … you get the idea. The more space you have in your kitchen the better things are. And – everyone is the same! If you can maximize the kitchen space in your house, you will add value to the property. This is also the reason why, in the UK, kitchen extensions are the most popular way of extending or converting part of your property to add both value and quality of life.

Some Ideas For Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen extension ideas from Belmont

The Knock Through Approach To A Kitchen Extension

In most houses there are at least a couple of options for extending your kitchen living space. You can either combine two or more adjacent, existing rooms into one. For example a kitchen and a dining room or a kitchen, dining room and utility room. This doesn’t technically give you more space, but you’ll find that it has that effect. A dining room in many homes may only be used for Sunday lunch, or when relatives visit or at Christmas. Making 2 or 3 rooms into one large open space means that all of the space can be used to good effect all year round. This could be a simpler job than you think in a modern house where the walls are likely to be wood and plasterboard stud walls and non-load bearing. However – and this is a very big however – do not rush in and start removing walls on your own. get a builder in – say, Belmont for example – to assess which walls are load bearing and which are not, before you start to demolish part of your house!

The Extend Out Approach To A Larger Kitchen

If you have a big enough plot and you are happy to give some of it up, you can extend an existing kitchen out into the garden. This means that a whole range of options become available to you, such as a fully or partly glazed roof, floor to ceiling windows creating a garden room effect. Another really nice thing to do is to have the whole room fronting onto the garden open up using folding doors. Outside the doors you can build a built up deck or patio making the transition from inside to outside seamless. In fact, we’ve already done this and you can see the results here. Subject to having enough space to spare, this is a much more flexible and better option, because when it comes to kitchen planning, it’s easy to add another couple of inches at the planning stage, rather than be struggling to fit a design into a dining room that is just a couple of inches too small.

Home Kitchen Extension Ideas

When it comes to planning your new kitchen, you’re probably at the most exciting bit! Bearing in mind that if you have young children at the crawling or toddling stage, then clear floor space will be high on your ‘must have‘ list. Maybe more flexible movable units are a good idea. With these you can redesign your kitchen every couple of years to meet your families, growing needs. The only things that are relatively firmly fixed are the gas and electricity supplies and the water and waste.

Your kitchen extension project will be a fairly expensive job, so you need to plan carefully if you are to get what you really want, and need, without spending the earth. Begin by asking yourself and the family a few basic questions about what you want and how you need to use that extra space. Do you:

  • Need a more flexible family space for you all to enjoy?
  • Need more space for entertaining friends?
  • Want to have some more informal seating, like a sofa or a breakfast bar?
  • Want to create a ‘garden room’ effect, with French doors opening out on to the garden?

As well as your immediate requirements now, you should try and work how your family needs will change over the next 10 years or so. For example, while lots of floor space may be important for young children now, in 10 years you may need space for study or homework, when the kids are teenagers.

The Halifax Building Society says the minimum cost of a kitchen extension is £20,000. In general, you’re looking at between £1,200-£1,800 per m². Converting a garage drops the cost to around £950-£1,150 per m².
A kitchen extension can increase the value of your home by as much as 10% so if you have the space and money, then we suggest that it’s a great idea.