Crowland Kitchen Extension

Belmont were commissioned to build a high spec kitchen extension in Crowland, about 10 miles north of Peterborough. The images in the gallery below record every stage of the build. This work is very typical of the work that originally made Belmont’s reputation – just accurate, high quality building and carpentry.

We’ve produced a short video to explain the sequence of work and to show how the project proceeded to the end result – a fantastic new addition to the house, providing a whole lot more living and dining space, which has transformed the old kitchen.

Kitchen Extension Image Gallery

The brief was to remodel the existing kitchen which was beginning to look a little dated. The old kitchen’s outside was was opened up leading into a new extension which provided an extended kitchen area for both dining and relaxation and entertaining. The old kitchen was refitted with a set of high tech appliances, trendy radiators and a cathedral style ceiling with roof lights and random LED lights.

The whole frontage of the new room was fitted with a set of folding doors that opened onto a deck built level with the interior floor, making it possible to simply walk outside with the doors open. The result was an indoor dining area which was totally integrated with the garden outside making it a true ‘garden room’.

At every stage of the build we were in discussion with our clients and we worked with them to minimise disruption and ensure that normal family life could carry on during the build.

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