Timber Frame Houses

At Belmont Group we pride ourselves in providing outstanding quality timber frame houses, literally “from the ground up“. Timber frame is a modern and environmentally effective method of home construction. Timber framed homes are extremely versatile both in construction and design providing you with an individual and highly energy efficient home.

Benefits Of Timber Frame Construction

To construct our timber framed homes we use premade timber wall and floor panels and the latest technology in insulation and waterproof layers that allow moisture to escape while not allowing it to penetrate the structure.  These homes are very much faster to construct as windows, doors and interior fittings can be completed as soon as the basic waterproof frame and utilities are in place. Not only that but offsite construction allows for the main internal and external panels to be constructed in a factory rather than on a building site, making much of the process independent of outside weather conditions. They can also be delivered when required which speeds up the construction process and means that components will not be left exposed to the elements and the risk of theft. Roof Trusses are also pre-assembled off site enabling the roof to be constructed in the shortest possible time scale. Windows, staircases and internal walls and doors are also completed off site and fitted on delivery.

Unlike a traditional building site, the site stays cleaner and free of bricks, rubble and cement. All our homes adhere to the latest fire and noise regulations. We build this into the design at an early stage, in the form of cavity barriers and the very latest insulation techniques. Timber frame is a very flexible and capable building method. It provides a construction programme which is not affected by weather and allow the builder to provide a project which can be completed on time and within budget. The construction is less affected by the weather and the build meets sustainability and environmental targets and Ecohomes ratings. With our Timber Frame construction specialists the quality of workmanship is second to none. This type of house construction can be mixed with other traditional building materials such as cladding, brick, render and timber giving you an individual home of the highest standard and quality.

For more information Constructionline or the Structural Timber Association are both excellent web sites.