Timber Frame Manufacture

Unlike a traditional breeze block and brick construction, a timber framed home is manufactured and constructed from prefabricated panels where the timber frame manufacture is all done off site. These panels are easy to manufacture and are constructed off site where they are measured accurately and with the highest quality materials. The home is erected on a level concrete slab with breeze block foundations giving an accurate and sealed foundation for the construction.

Timber Framed homes are made up storey by storey, starting with usually a softwood frame known as a platform and then the exterior walls are nailed in place. A plywood bracing layer is added along with moisture and breathable membrane stapled or nailed to the exterior panels. This prevents rainwater and moisture penetrating the walls but the membrane allows the interior moisture to escape. This method ensures that the shell of the construction is watertight at a very early stage allowing the building to be worked on inside while the exterior is being completed.

The exterior and interior wall void is then filled with high-performance fireproof insulation and then is ready for internal plasterboard.  As in a traditional brick building the interior walls are stud partitions which are insulated and covered with plasterboard. It is very easy to install services such as interior cabling and pipework as the materials are passed through wood and plywood not breeze block.

The roof is constructed with timber joists and supported on the structural timber frame and internal load bearing timber wall panels.  Timber framed buildings are engineered solutions which have been stress tested to the highest level for any imposed loads. Any alterations to the plans are calculated very carefully to ensure that the building remains stable and capable of withstanding stressful loads on the structure.

Windows, doors and staircases are all manufactured in the factory and are tailored to the specific building and then delivered to the site for completion. Timber Framed homes rely heavily on expert carpentry and highly engineered manufacture which we provide at the Belmont Group.