Timber Frame Erectors

Timber framed homes are much quicker to erect than a traditional standard brick and block dwelling. With a good team of timber frame erectors (Belmont Group have a long serving and experienced workforce) homes can be erected in a matter of days rather than weeks. This is because the prefabricated panels and timbers can be delivered onsite at short notice and construction started immediately by our team of professional carpenters. It usually takes between a week to two weeks maximum from the delivery of the frame to erection at the site.

Many of the trades required to finish a house can start much earlier in the build than a traditional home as the interior is very quickly watertight. Nor is the construction affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow or unacceptably low temperatures. If a brickwork or cladding outer skin is required it can be done after the frame is watertight. Traditional houses constructed of brick and block require a longer drying out time. Mortar and plaster work has to completely dry out before other services can be initiated. With a timber framed home this can all be done within a very short timescale as the home is protected from the elements within days of the start of construction. The moisture content of the timber usually has to stabilise to the ambient temperature once the structure is watertight but this takes a matter of days rather than weeks.  Unlike a traditionally built home where work has to stop if the temperature drops below 2 degrees centigrade, a timber framed home can be erected even in very low temperatures. This is why timber framed homes are very popular in Scandinavian Countries where the temperature can be extreme for long periods of time.

Although the time frame for the erection of a timber framed home is short, time has to be factored in for design and fabrication of the panels and frame in the factory beforehand. This can take up to 4 months however with the design finalised as early as possible the construction time can be a lot less. Many building companies use a kit which has been tried and tested on many occasions, others will design and fabricate the home to unique specifications. By far the easiest part of the build is the erection of the frame however it is important that the crew of timber frame erectors crew are professional and have worked as a team before as every part of the build must be completed within the defined factory specifications.